Who Is Harry Spring?

And that’s it. That feeling. The desire to do more, be more, feel more, help more, explore more, live more, give more.

And that’s Harry. That’s Taylor. That’s Micha.

They are variations of the same embodiment. Having integrity. Being creative. Being classy. Opening doors. Being respectful. Working hard. Having fun. Contributing to the world. In their own way. And their way is an explosion of possibility. And now they’re shining, blazing, alive with energy. And others know it. And they warm to them. And they give them light.

 And now you see. We are all Harry Spring. We are all forging our own paths. Just open your eyes. Express your need to do more. To be more. To feel more. This is not a practice life. Be the best you can be. Do the idea. Ask the girl. Say please and thank you. Always dress your best. Always show up. Have fun. We don’t know tomorrow, we only know today. Who is Harry Spring? You are Harry Spring. Who is Taylor Spring? You are Taylor Spring. Who is Micha Spring? You are Micha Spring. Now go unleash your possibility on the world.