Hello World!

Hello World! Harry Spring is here.

After months of shall we, shan't we? Good idea, bad idea? Great news! Bad news! Never mind, start again. Damn, crap, shit, balls. Cool, yes, great, wow. Plan, no plan. What are we doing? This is awesome. Rush.

And back again and back again.

And back again and back again.......we have arrived.

Harry Spring started out as a bit of fun - wouldn't it be cool if we could make our own watches? What would you want them to look like? Who would you make them for? How can you fuse beautiful design with high quality, at an affordable price? Where do you even begin?

And down the rabbit hole we went. And it got interesting. And fun. And hard. And purposeful. Question leads to question leads to question leads to question.

And guess what? We tested it out. We had early adopters and endorsers. Like Frances and Diane. People who supported us and provided feedback and tested ideas and gave us momentum. People who helped us when personal circumstances changed.

To you all - thank you. Without you, there is no Harry Spring. You are all Harry Spring.

And so our hope: beautiful, stylish, versatile watches. A classic design, with a modern twist. Made with quality materials, built to last.

Thank you again. Here's to you all, and here's to Harry Spring.